Womer Racing

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Ramey Womer - Car owner / Driver

Carole Womer - Team Manager, timing and scoring

Sam Womer - Pit bike rider / fabrication / original driver of #36 at Houtzdale, Dubois, Mahaffey

Darlene Womer - Team chef

Kevin Kelly - Crew chief / fabricator

Mark Houser - Crew chief / mechanic

Armando Melhorn - mechanic

Tony Melhorn - mechanic

Ed Walls - fabrication

Mike Cunningham - mechanic

Steve Weddles - graphics

Scotty Zeger - consultant

Dan Gill - 2003 paint

Mark and Joe Ropchock - paint

Bob Ropchock - video

Tim Ropchock - mechanic

Special thanks to:

Tracy and Jodie Potter

Tim Holt (Holt Precision Tool)

Craig LeClaire (MicroBlue)

Ethan Dixon


Logan Branch Insurance

Geotech Engineering

DSG Auto Body


Valvoline Instant Oil Change

Adler's Market

Burket Contractors

Hair DeZigns